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SET release notes

SET Tool versioning notes

1.0First release, April 1st 2015

1.1 release, April 20th 2015

Release notes:
- small bugs have been resolved
- all languages have been updated (and Czeck one has been added)
- logo EM2M and few texts has been updated
- some more data are now mandatory in STEP1_INPUT_A (for example Turnover and EmployeeNumber)
- now PIN and PASSWORD, when sent, are protected by an https protocol.
- priorities and payback times in the list of Best Practices have been updated (few values still lacking for cross-cutting BPs; a new ranking algorythm only in the next versions)
- save functionalities for 'data only' implemented: all data can be saved since version 1.1 and may be reloaded in the new versions of the tool
- restyling of the DEMO web page and related ones.

1.2 release, May 5th 2015

Release notes:
- small updated and improved controls on the input fields
- new diagram n.2 in Step1_OutputB to evidence energetic consumptions in the factory from the bills (cogeneration included)
- new table with regression line parameters from consumptions VS production and display of the current equation
- two new diagrams based on the regression line related to SPECIFIC consumption VS production

1.3 release, June 8th 2015

Release notes:
- solved the issue about using of comma as decimal separator;
- language updating;
- improved the management of "Year" and "Factory ID", so to allow the user to input further years related to same factory or further factories related to same company (i.e. after sending of data the user can fill and upload further data of the same company by changing the "Year" field or the "Factory ID" field by using the same file or by a new file with manually addition of Enterprise UniqueID and PIN);
- improved the management of monthly data through a check that allow to overwrite the Total monthly data (i.e. annual data) only if the total is different from Zero or null;
- new link (at the bottom of Performance-Comparison page) to visualize a report of sent data;
- fixed small bugs.

1.4 release, July 14th 2015

- small rearrangement of some input fields at Step1_InputA page (Factory, ID, WIM, etc.);
- language update;
- new icons for the text note at Step1_InputA page, (1) in place of (*) and (2) in place of (**);
- a red symbol * to mark the mandatory fields was added;
- some unit of measure related to "Indicative average lot size quantity" have been removed (i.e. kg of yarn, m of yarn, etc.) because they were redundant information
- solved issues about cogeneration input module;
- the unit of measure kgoe, and related values, has been replaced with kWhe and kWht at Step1_OutputA page;
- at "Performance_Comparison" page, a function to retrieve password has been added;
- at "Performance_Comparison" page, some links have been replaced with a single link to the welcome page of SET WEB.

2.0 release, September 30th 2015

- language update (translation of texts completed for IT, DE, PT, RO, HU, CZ, NL);
- availability of a "re-load procedure" to retrieve the data from an early SET Tool version to v2.0 version;
- implementation of a FAST PATH to FILL SET Tool only with basic quantitative data and process information in order to skip SET Tool outputs and directly go to SET WEB.
- new best practices (and related questions);
- layout harmonization of investment evaluation module;
- improvement of results layout;
- new diagram added within the Step1_OutptuB page to compare the company energy prices to the average prices in the country;
- new algorithm to sort the selected energy measures based on "category" and "priority";
- small bug fixed (a wrong rule to select an energy measure, etc.)

2.1 release, October 15th 2015

- fixed important bugs in "re-load procedure";
- small bug fixed

2.2 release, March 2th 2016

- language updated (added Bulgarian, Croatian, Lithuanian and French);
- year 2015 and 2016 included within year field;
- Eurostat average of electricity and natural gas prices (year 2015) for each country and consumption band included to compare the prices paid by company/user in 2015;
- management of conversion factors improved (e.g. now the user can decide to change the calorific value of fuels or select the pressure of steam and the temperature of hot water for teleheating);
- a 0.9 thermal efficiency introduced for steam and hot water production in teleheating (it is used in conversion from kWht to TOE/primary energy, when needed);
- small bugs fixed (e.g. wrong rules for two specific energy measures, etc.);
- the set of data sent to SET database was extended (e.g. from now the list of energy measures selected by the tool will be available on database);

- some new input fields in Step1_Input_A page, namely:
1) three new checkboxes within the dialog box "Enter rate of turnover and consumption for each selected production" to assert if the declared rate (%) is measured (and thus precise) or a rough estimation
2) a checkbox associated to the turnover field to declare if the turnover is related to a single factory (as usual) or to more than one factory (in case of company with more than one factory)
These flags are very important to build more affordable benchmarking data because often firms have not a precise information and the estimation might contain relevant errors in the figures.

- A new 2 levels filtering system to block wrong data and to check their coherence is implemented when uploading on the web side of SET Scheme.
Therefore can happen to see new messages after launching the uploading procedure that declare
a) the data totally unfaithful (and then blocking the upload) or
b) data with some incoherence and then suggest to check them carefully (in this case the data are uploaded anyhow)

2.3 release, May 17th 2016

- language updated
- new textile products included within "Type of final product" field to enrich the list with "knitted products"
- flag at the top of Step1_Output_A page to choose to show (or do not show) sectorial average indexes from Eurostat

2.4 release, Sept 19th 2016

- small bugs fixed (for example the average daily load curve not saved rightly).


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