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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much data?

This tool works even with poor or incomplete data, however the more and most complete data you provide, the more accurate will be the outcome and potential benefits.

2. Who should use it?

Any company manager or technician can address the first part (Step 1), technical staff is recommended to fill the second part (Step 2) which requires details on internal energy consumption and production data.

3. Why input quantities?

Very often the perception of the energy consumption is misleading, quantitative data provides an objective picture. Accordingly the tool asks for quantitative rather than qualitative input.

4. Do I still need an energy audit if I use this tool?

This tool does not replace an energy audit performed by a qualified auditor. However this tool can help your company in handling energy audits by collecting relevant data and create awareness.

5. Can I store data of different years?

Yes, but they should be stored in different copies of this file; you simply save it with a new name and reset only the yearly data (STEP1_input_A) and check the other ones.

6. Can I store data from different plants?

Yes but you are asked to reset the plant data (while the UniqueID will allow you to save the anonymous enterprise Id).

7. Are my data anonymous?

Yes, because in the transmitted data there is nowhere the name of your firm.

8. Why should I upload my data?

The WEB services of SET calculate from your data an energy profile of your company and then extract and show you benchmarks for that profile.

9. What if I fill unfaithful data?

You get unfaithful benchmarks not tailored to your profile.

10. What if I do not find the value for the recent YEAR in the field 'reference year'?

You are using an OLD version, you should use a version of the year after your reference year (otherwise you do not get the Eurostat update data).


Do you want to see statistical elaboration of your data, benchmark comparison and all related services? Please insert the UniqueID and PIN received through the SET tool after uploading data.

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