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About SET Web


this is SET WEB,

SET Scheme stands for Energy Saving and Efficiency Tool, it is a major outcome of the SET project which is designed for textile companies to autonomously assess the energy consumption and energy performances in their production process, ultimately to improve energy efficiency.

The SET Scheme is made up of 4 elements:

  • the SET Tool, a stand-alone software for self-assessment;
  • the SET Web, (these web pages) for advanced benchmarking and comparison of the performances across years;
  • a guiding document for using SET
  • information on financial incentives and legal obligation completing the SET.

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The SET Tool runs on a Microsoft Excel application and is used to collect the factory data on energy consumption and production. Based on this input the tool calculates the factorys energy indices and offers a selection of suitable best practices, graphic consumption representations, analysis of return on investment etc.

The SET Web is an online application and allows companies to benchmark, in strict confidentiality, the own energy performance data with data of comparable factories active in the same production processes.

The SET Web is based on a constantly updated database and it is a service free of charge for companies which contribute by sending confidentially their own energy data.

On the SET Web you can

  • Look at examples in the demo pages showing elaborations, graphs, benchmarks
  • Compare your factorys energy performance with those of similar European companies
  • Forecast models for energy consumption based on your technologies and production
  • Compare your progress year by year

To use the SET Web you shall

  • send your factory data through the SET Tool (the excel file)
  • once energy data are succesfully uploaded, the SET Tool shows an UID and PIN. Use these credentials to access SET Web at any time.

How to start?

  • Go to the EM2M Platform and download the SET Tool (click HERE)
  • Fill the SET Tool with the data of your factory (one file for each factory)
  • Upload data on the SET Web through the SET Tool
  • Access the SET Web and use its services

Terms of use and data confidentiality

Terms of use (click here)
How data are matched to companies (click here)
How data are kept confidential (click here)
Disclaimer (click here)


Do you want to see statistical elaboration of your data, benchmark comparison and all related services? Please insert the UniqueID and PIN received through the SET tool after uploading data.

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