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> News List on IT and Energy Efficiency for Textile Clothing industry

Euratex, the Marzotto Group and ENEA: Save Energy in Textile SMEs (SET) Project results
03/10/2016   Parigi
Video was published about Euratex, Marzotto Group and ENEA round table meeting on SET project outcomes at Premiere Vision, September 15th 2016, Smart Talk Square, Paris.
The Save Energy in Textile SMEs (SET) project is launched to enable European textile SMEs to improve their energy efficiency, hence to achieve measurable economic and resource-efficiency results.

SET Scheme stands for Energy Saving and Efficiency Tool, it is a major outcome of the SET project (

SET partners are European Research centers and Industry Associations: Euratex (coordinator), CITEVE (P), DITF (D), ENEA (I), INCDTP (RO), ATOK (CZ), CENTEXBEL (B), IVGT (D), TMTE (HU), LATIA (LT), CEA (HR), BAATPE (BG)

The smart talk session was organized in collaboration between PV and Euratex in the framework of the SET project. It rolled out in a dynamic format with questions and shorts answers moderated by the expertise of C.L.A.S.S., Milan.

Tool SET developped by ENEA

Atlas of Technological Innovation ENEA

Report of the event: press release by EURATEX
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